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The Art of Relationship Management
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Have you noticed that it's become a little harder, a little more challenging
to grow your business these last few years?

It's not you.  You're not alone.

We're transitioning into a new economy that is being run by all new rules.
Did you get your rule book?  Yeah, me neither.
I had to make a lot of mistakes before I figured out that:


Your ability to build and maintain lasting connection is the key to your success.  I offer a variety of services and training to help you and your organization acquire the powerful skill sets necessary to create these all-important relationships that will serve your growth for years to come.

The Relationship Quotient (RQ) is a measure of your ability to establish and maintain GENUINE, long-term business connection with others.

How's your RQ?

This assessment will help you identify where you're strong enough to build upon and which areas you may want to strengthen with a workout in our RQ Gym.

How to win in the Relationship Economy:

1.  I can do it for you

Relationship Management

  • Internal relationships: Team dynamics, Employee - Management, Management - CXO
  • External relationships: Between the company and Customers, Vendors, Alliance Partners and Referral Sources
Let's start with your own house.  As we continue to shift out of the Industrial Age and into the Information Age, our decisions are based much more on long-term relationships rather than short term factors like pricing.  By building and maintaining authentic business relationships, your organization will reap the benefits of loyal and engaged employees, a collaborative work environment, organizations that openly acknowledge and recognize that their employees are their most valuable resource.  

Now, let's look beyond your picket fence.  We have all read how much more expensive it is to acquire new customers than retain existing customers.  However, the traditional compensation structure continues to reward top sales people for new business and relegates customer satisfaction to hourly, administrative personnel. By building powerful relationships with your customers, you'll be able to focus your efforts on delivering quality products and services, rather than constantly putting out fires and hustling for new business.  Plus, by transforming your Referral Sources, Alliance Partners and Vendors into collaborative partners, you will have raving fans spreading your message throughout their network.

Team Building

  • Identify the purpose and goal of the team.
  • Determine the anticipated lifetime of this team (just for a specific project or an ongoing existence).
  • Specify the skill sets that the team needs, overall.
  • Decide if these skill sets are already available within the existing organization or if we need to expand the search externally.
  • Identify potential candidates who contribute one or more of the desired skill sets.
  • Conduct conversations with candidates to determine potential contribution to the team, including both delivery of skill set and ability to work harmoniously with team members.

Building a team, requires much more than simply matching skill sets to open positions.  When the relationships are properly matched and managed, your team members love working together. They are engaged and truly productive.  They are enrolled in your vision for success. Everyone is pulling the train in the same direction, at the same time, and you get there so much faster. 

 2.  I can teach you

Speaking - Keynote addresses, Conference presentations
  • Learn how to create loyal, lifetime customers who LOVE you and your work.
  • Convert your customers into raving fans who brag about you to everyone they know.
  • Enjoy the benefit of price elastic customers who don't care what you charge, because they know you're worth it.
  • Learn the 5 Key elements of your Relationship Building.
  • Develop a customized workout and learn how to stretch and strengthen your relationship building muscles.


  • 6 week Teleseminar Series
  • Half-day seminars
  • Full-day workshops


Without Notice is a fictional tale of a Wall Street investment banker who finds himself the subject of an SEC investigation.  Unable to face the consequences of his actions, he disappears and lands in a small, midwest town.  Detached from everything that once brought him power, he is forced to start a new life and learn to build genuine relationships in order to survive.  There's action, adventure, romance and a couple of guys who want him dead.

        And you thought networking was tough.

Click here for more information on the book!

Please contact Bonnie Karpay for a complimentary consulting appointment to determine which of these services will best serve the success of your and your organization.

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