Bonnie Karpay
Creator of The Relationship Quotient™  (RQ)
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Have you noticed that it's become a little harder, a little more challenging to grow your business these last few years?

It's not you.  You're not alone.

We're transitioning into a new economy that is being run by all new rules.
Did you get your rule book?  Yeah, me neither.
I had to make a lot of mistakes before I figured out that:


Your ability to build and maintain lasting connection is the key to your success.  Bonnie offers a variety of services and training to help you and your organization acquire the powerful skill sets necessary to create these all-important relationships that will serve your growth for years to come.

The Relationship Quotient (RQ)™ is a measure of your ability to establish and maintain GENUINE, long-term business connection with others.

How's your RQ?

This assessment will help you identify where you're strong enough to build upon and which areas you may want to strengthen with a workout in our RQ Gym.

The Offering:

1.  Speaking - Keynote addresses, Conference presentations

  • Learn how to create loyal, lifetime customers who LOVE you and your work.
  • Convert your customers into raving fans who brag about you to everyone they know.
  • Enjoy the benefit of price elastic customers who don't care what you charge, because they know you're worth it.
  • Learn the 5 Key elements of your Relationship Quotient
  • Develop a customized workout in the RQ Gym, where you'll learn how to stretch and strengthen your RQ muscles.

2.  Education

  • 6 week Teleseminar Series
  • Half-day seminars
  • Full-day workshops

3.  Products     

Without Notice is a fictional tale of a Wall Street investment banker who finds himself the subject of an SEC investigation.  Unable to face the consequences of his actions, he disappears and lands in a small, midwest town.  Detached from everything that once brought him power, he is forced to start a new life and learn to build genuine relationships in order to survive.  There's action, adventure, romance and a couple of guys who want him dead.

And you thought networking was tough.

Click here for more information on the book!

  • RQ Assessment

4.  Events

  • Retreats
  • Cruises 

Please contact Bonnie Karpay for a complimentary consulting appointment to determine which of these services will best serve the success of your and your organization.

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